CAES & CCIB Cocoa Symposium at the CAES, CFCS _ ISHS Conference Hyatt Trinidad 2013

The CAES & CCIB Cocoa Symposium was held as part of the 30th West Indies Agricultural Economics Conference. The Symposium was sponsored by the Cocoa and Coffee Industry Board of Trinidad and Tobago (CCIB) which took place on Friday 5th July, 2013. The theme of the Symposium was “Business Opportunities in Cocoa and Coffee: Production and Downstream Manufacturing” with two panel discussions and presentations on cocoa and coffee production and value added enterprises.

At the CAES & CCIB Cocoa Symposium, Cocoa and Coffee Product Manufacturers / Distributors / Companies were able to showcase their products, giving samples and demonstrating the rich and fertile Cocoa and Coffee Industry of Trinidad and Tobago to all Participants.